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      Guangzhou City, Panyu District Hui Cai chemical products business department is a R & D, production, sales and service in one of the professional supplier of printing materials and crafts materials, the main products are printing paste, color drawing paste, pearl powder, luminous powder, reflective powder, bronze powder, light powder, variable temperature powder, flocking paper, glitter powder, Korea bead, bronzing pulp, imitation hot paste, phosphor, phosphor, headquartered in Asian Fashion - Guangzhou, location and convenient transportation.

      Bright color company was founded in 2002, has a number of excellent production, management, marketing, after-sales service and very strong R & D team. With advanced technology, fine chemical technology, fusion of fashion color printing materials for special customer tailored personalized, multi style, fully meet customer demand, won a good social reputation. Over the years the company spirit of "credibility oriented, quality win" concept, continue to introduce new, color printing materials has become one of the largest domestic sales of products, is recognized as the industry's high-quality products.

      Today, Hui color is standing at a new height, fusion of more powerful capital and more abundant resources of science and technology, and constantly go beyond the self, to leapfrog the pace, to persevere in the spirit of focusing on the printing business, for the HUICAI into every corner of the world, to create a more colorful life accumulate steadily lead, chemical pigment printing industry to achieve leapfrog leap to new professional brand image. We sincerely look forward to working with you to win-win cooperation, conspiracy money king, create brilliant!

      Add: No., No. 656-658, No. 105 National Road, Dashi, Guangdong, Panyu District, China

      Tel: 020-39936939 22072999

      Fax: 020-34789581

      Mobile: 13380087567

      Contact: Miss Zou

      URL: http://hchg168.com

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